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Every psychic reader at Psychic Life Answers uses a variety of gifts and tools to give you the most insightful, revealing, and accurate psychic reading possible. Many of our genuine psychic readers were born with their psychic gifts, discovering that they possessed these special abilities at an early age. Often the psychic gifts run in the family and are passed down from generation to generation.

In addition to inheriting their gifts, our psychic readers have improved and sharpened their abilities over years of experience. Every time a psychic reader uses his or her gifts for a genuine psychic reading, a process of learning and improvement takes place. For this reason, the many gifted psychic readers at Psychic Life Answers with so many years’ worth of readings to draw on, are at the very top of their field and provide the most accurate psychic predictions.

Our gifted psychic readers rely on everything from clairvoyance and clairsentience – seeing and hearing things that are not apparent to most people – to intuitive and spiritual abilities. Sometimes they rely on one of their gifts, and sometimes they use them all in the same reading. Depending on your question and situation, your psychic reader can tap into whichever gifts will provide the best reading and offer the most accurate psychic advice for your situation.

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